Labour Day is delayed in this household

Gardener:Southern Gardener

Date:26 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

It has been a beautiful weekend for Dunedin and, hopefully, for the rest of the country. I’ve crossed off many a garden chore (like sowing rocket, transplanting coriander and building a structurally unsound construction that could pass as pea support) but main Labour Day transplanting will have to wait. The weather here is funny and after reaching 26 degrees on Sunday, it got to 5 degrees today. Seeing as my pumpkins and tomatoes are still quite tiny, despite having been planted 2 months ago, I decided to delay Labour Day transfer. Instead I’ve transplanted these into bigger pots with proper garden soil.

Hopefully in two weeks, or so, the seedlings will get a bit bigger and stronger and the weather will get a bit more stable. Meanwhile, I have to walk by this place on my way to work which has enormous tomato plants in their sunroom and feel a little bit jealous. Oh well, not too long before all of my babies are outside, hopefully :)

Random fact/opinion

Drunken Woman Lettuce is my favourite vegetable name encountered so far. My partner’s mum said there should be a ‘Tipsy Tomato’ to go with it :) Have you encountered some great vegie names? Which one is your favourite?

Labour Day is delayed in this household