Labour this labour weekend

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:26 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Although not a single vege seedling was planted , more prepping was done , and we got to play with puppies .

We moved an irrigation line that has been inactive for a while and reconnected it in the flower field , we did this in the rain , I now have 80% of the field irrigated at the flick of a switch which is oh so satisfying .

We have put the sheep in the orchard to keep the grass down , Put the posts in to split another paddock as we prepare for a possible drought , We used a 1000 l ibc and pump to irrigate a paddock that was sown recently , Knowing rain was coming we figured it was a good time .

Part of the ridgeline foundation went in on the she shed , to prep for some framing next weekend , Its not a conventional build due to funds but we are making it happen .

And my dwarf beans and Gazinias have germinated , I also decided I needed some circles in the new no dig area so I created 4 1 large that I plan on attempting to grow a standerdised wisteria in that I grew from seed last year , I have seen it done and think its beautiful .

And three smaller circles , Although I have not decided what will go in them yet , I know there are always a few things that I grow but forget to account for in planting space , such as gazinias so perhaps one will be for them :)


Pic of the flower field with irrigation going in the rain , I can't wait to show you when its far more colorful .

Labour this labour weekend