Last of the hanging flowers

Gardener:Lulu's Garden

Date:07 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

I have finally planted out the last of my hanging flower pots with blue cascading petunias in the front and helichrysums (mixed colours) in the back. I have never grown helichrysums before but I liked their bright colours. These pots are along the fence outside my bedroom so I wanted something to stand out.

As always Jazz was hanging out with me, watching from his favorite post on the wall. He always seems to follow the sun around the house.

I will still be planting out more flowers in my garden, with marigolds going into a raised garden bed. And flowers going into the pots that I have all my spring bulbs in at the moment. I will have to seal my terracotta pots as they are drying out faster then I would want.

I can't wait until all my garden is in flower, I think I saw some buds forming in the first lot of hanging flower pots :)

Last of the hanging flowers