Last Years Hard Work Paid Off


Date:02 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hello fellow gardeners. 

My apologies for the lack of blogs recently. We have been busy packing up our house but I've come to realise that I have really missed this community. Sorry for not being up to date with all your gardens. I'll try to set some more time aside to read up on past blogs.

Last year Haven and I grew some giant pumpkins solely for the purpose of making a jack o'lantern. We managed to store two big ones under the house and when I checked them one had completely turned to mush. Luckily the biggest was still intact and it seems spraying it with copper may have helped. 

Haven and I carved it together and it was such a joy seeing how excited she got about it. It turned out to be a massive hit and talking point with the community as many children and adults could not believe it was real and had never seen a real carved pumpkin before. 

It was a lot of effort but so worth it. While I knew they were not edible, I am a firm believer that gardening should not just be about getting food but should also be about bringing joy. This certainly brought me joy, my daughter joy and many others too. 

Looking forward to our next property where we will have more sun up North and lots more land. I see a record breaking pumpkin in our future!

Last Years Hard Work Paid Off