Leeks + cabbage = dinner

Gardener:Lulu's Garden

Date:10 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

I just love going out into the garden and picking some vegetables for dinner. Today I harvested some leeks and cabbage to make a creamy chicken, leek, and mushroom pie with mashed potato/kumera and cabbage with pinenuts on the side. The family loves this pie dish I make, so normally we have it about this time of the year when some of the vegetables are ready for harvesting.

This year I had better success with my leeks as I made sure to mound the soil around them, plus I planted them a bit deeper then I did last season. This meant I had more of the white part then the green part. But they are still not as big as what you get from the supermarket. Do you have any tips to get bigger leeks? I might just be too impatient, and are harvesting them too early haha.

Next season I'm going to try growing both red and green mini cabbages, as I want the colour variation and these might be better suited to my smaller garden. Have you had any success with growing these mini cabbages?

Now with a full stomach I'm going to have cozy night in :)

Leeks + cabbage = dinner