Let it grow, let it GROW


Date:13 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I'm still in two minds if I like this time of year... or not...


Spring is such a wonderful time of year... but there is SO MUCH WAITING!!!
One thing that is getting me through the waiting is the return of honey bees - each day I see more and more which is really exciting - it's also helping me be content with not having many things planted out yet -I still have all my winter veg in, and really just want to rip it out - but then I look at the happy fuzzy bums, and remember that I have a few more weeks until the ground will be warm enough and the chances of frost are less and less, so for now I'll let my winter veggies grow on and treat the bees to some little yellow flowers!
Let it grow, let it GROW