Let the experiment begin!


Date:20 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Instead of me knocking things off of my garden list of 'things to do', I seem to keep adding things on!  Not ideal.  I am currently stuck on the boat.  I am desperate to get it up and running asap as it is the closest I've ever gotten so far!  

There are a few cracks in the hull.  Instead of repairing the boat itself, I've decided to just clean and cover the inside of the boat with polyurethane.  It works as far as waterproofing goes, and I'm pretty sure it will fit aesthetically once I get rocks and plants in place?

I have a couple of solar pumps chugging away in there at the moment, so I can get a feel for what they are capable of.  Ideally I would like to keep one as the 'fountain' to imitate being the leak in the boat that is making it sink ;)  There are 'seats' at both ends of the boat, so at one end I would like to create a waterfall feature going down, while the water gets drawn from the other end to hopefully create a water current, keeping the water moving, while also keeping it aerated alongside the fountain?  That's the theory anyway? Hopefully that will keep mosquitoes at bay so larvae aren't a problem? (as they are at the moment!)  This is my current headache that I knew I would need to tackle.  Now there's the pesky problem of actioning the idea to see if it works?  

I'm not keen to add goldfish to the pond to eat the larvae because I plan on planting watercress in there, which they would demolish...so from what I've read my best bet is to get a good flow of water going so any larvae that are there would drown because they can't attach to the surface for air.  Here's hoping it works?  Wish me luck!

Let the experiment begin!