Letterbox surprise


Date:02 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward

Earlier in this challenge I blogged about the free flower stand I attached to our letterbox. I was hoping it would go down well in our neighborhood as there are a lot of walkers and I can report that it's been a great success. 

So far I've managed to give away 35 boquets and about 8 vases. I didn't plan on giving the vases away but it seems that some think it's a package deal. As they are easy to make and made from beer bottles I take it as a compliment that they like them!

The coolest thing about all this is that it has opened up dialogue with so many people. I've had heaps of people stop and chat about the garden saying they have admired it from a distance.  Got a card from a lady down the street who struggles to grow flowers in her property.  She took photos of the flowers she does have.

The coolest by far has been the notes and pictures dropped in the letterbox by children.  They were so unexpected and really brighten my day. 


Letterbox surprise