Little and often

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Date:09 Sep 2020

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I think the year I had my most sucessful season was the year I got into the habit of "little and often". 

Because of how this year has turned out it has been hard to get into some sort of rhythm. This was supposed to be my year - 11 years as a stay at home mum and I had finally got them all at school and then covid hit!

The last week or two since the kids have been back for what seems like term 8 this year I do seem to have found some sort of rhythm. Walk the kids down to school, do my walk around the block on the way home and then come home and spend about 30mins to an hour in the garden.

When you do a little bit regularaly it's easier to keep on top of things. I know Sarah the Gardener has her garden split into sectors and she tends to a different sector each day to keep on top of everything.

So after re-potting all my tomato seedlings yesterday into bigger pots I decided today I would do a quick weed of my main garden as well as getting the lawns done.

I now have 99 (if I counted correctly) tomato plants potted up of different varieties - window box (cherry), roma, beef steak, grosse lisse, money maker, mortgage lifter. I always plant some for my dad and end up sharing with other friends as well.

I decided to harvest the rest of my beetroot. I'm not a huge beetroot fan but I do like beetroot relish. I usually go off Annabel Langbein's recipes minus the currants.  

Chocolate beetroot cake is another favourite way to use beetroot cause everything is better with chocolate right!

Happy gardening everyone!

Little and often