Little helper

Gardener:Lulu's Garden

Date:22 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Once the rain went away today, I decided to pop out into the garden to give it a little tidy as I get it ready for the next seasons crop.

Had to chop off a lot of leaves from my garlic as I had rust, gave it a spray of copper. So hopefully that helps for a bit. Next year I might give trying to grow garlic a miss as each year I always get rust on them. The leeks and onions next to it are fine though so that's good. 

Do you have any pointers to trying to prevent rust on garlic?

I pulled up some of my veggies that had gone to seed, and as you can see I had someone who decided he wanted sometime in the garden bed which is normally blocked off to him.

So when I was unable to move him, I decided to get started on some pots, with Jazz keeping an eye on me, with the occasional meow for when he wanted more attention.

I removed some of the cabbage from one of by 50L pots, and added some more fresh soil and sheep poo into it. I have decided to do one of these pots each weekend so they are ready for when I want to plant the tomatoes/pumkins. 

I also removed some of my old flowers from some of my hanging pots, I'm going to Mitre 10 tomorrow to get some more flowers for them, plus more soil/compost. But knowing me there might be other things in my shopping cart when I leave the shop.

The plan for tomorrow is to plant the flowers, another swan plant, sow some seeds and transplant my tomatoes into bigger pots.

Happy gardening everyone 

Little helper