Live life in full bloom

Gardener:Lulu's Garden

Date:23 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

So I rushed down to Mitre 10 this morning to get some soil and punnets of flowers for my hanging pots before the rain set in. And I didn't come out with anything extra, which is quite rare for me when I go to a gardening store.

For these hanging pots I decided to plant mix petunias at the back and cascading white lobelia at the front. I find having one plant at the back of the pot and one cascading in the front gives the pot a more fuller look, and a variety of colour for not only myself, but also to attract the pollinators.

About three weeks ago I planted another set of hanging pots along my fence with mixed dianthus and mixed cascading petunias. I have one more set of hanging pots to plant up but I'm waiting for their blooms to die back.

As you can see I had Jazz to help me again, he loves sleeping on this storage container that we use to pot up plants. He did think the Saturaid I brought out was cat treats, but sadly no, so he went of into the grasses to have a catnap.

I tried to see if there was any catnip in the garden section, but there wasn't so I will have to try again later on. Any pointers on trying to hide it so it grows big enough before the cats get at it?

I also sowed some seeds and transplanted my tomatoes which I will start putting outside in the next couple of weeks to start hardening off.

Live life in full bloom