Magical wee seeds .

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:20 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

It never ceases to amaze me what wonderful things can come from the smallest of seeds .

Germinated in my glass door fridge are a couple of things I'm super excited about , Giant alliums and some Goji .

Also the enchinacea that I traded some comfry root for seed has popped up , along with spring onions , thai basil and very think peaony poppies , I was a tad heavy handed with these and will have to be very careful once the transplanting time comes .

I have a tray ofcucumbers looking great , watermelon is up and the first couple of courgettes are up to along with some very eager radish seed that I must have bumped when I was putting the trays in place Opps , The new shed will be so much better fo drying seed to save .

As for the flower field the next lot of sunflowers are up and so are the Beels of ireland . Plus the renunculas are looking amazing .

We had big plans in the garden for the weekend , but instead it turned in to a very social one which was really nice as our lifestyle block makes us home bodies most of the time .

I do hope to get the yams and jerusalum artichokes in this arvo with the help of my wee man , he does love placing things and covering them to .

Magical wee seeds .