Making The Most Out Of What You Have


Date:14 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

When we moved to our new house it was a real change as we went from having a massive lawn to having a few square meters. I'm not a fan of paying for compost and in our last place we used to make this great compost using primarily grass clippings and garbage bags of coffee beans (talked out local cafe into saving them for me rather than putting in the landfill).

This was not an option in our new place however we do have two maple leave trees that drop their leaves in Autumn and boy do they have a lot of leaves. I made a leaf pit out the back and stacked them up. It became quite the converstation piece with passers by as I was collected them daily. For many they thought it was a hassle, for me I was stoked that we got free organic matter.

This week I spread it over the garden out the front as a mulch. It is now a rich brown, worm infested mulch and the plants seem to be loving it. Bonus was that it was free. Downside is that the birds love digging through it and have made a right mess.

We also have 3 compost bins for our food scraps. I call these our worm bins as they are cold compost heaps and full of red wrigglers. One is strategically placed by a passionfruit vine in the hopes it will feed it. 

Every plot of land is different so I suppose in the end, you just have to be resourceful and make the most out of what you have. 

Making The Most Out Of What You Have