Mediterranean citrus grove....

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:18 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables

While I can't get in the garden I am using it as an opportunity to take you on mini tours (hope you don't mind).  It's always nice to share what we have done as well as where we are going with the land.

Ok - well you need a lot of imagination at the moment but there are great plans for our citrus area. We first planted this in an area before we started building - big mistake as they were in the windiest part of the property and right where we are going to put a shed (when we win lotto) so they really did need to move and were only just staying alive.

They were shifted about 6 weeks ago and have coped incredibly well. With no signs of transplant shock - and our lemon tree has managed to keep its 4 lemons. (3 now as miss 4 ate one last week)

The look I am going for here is a very mediterranean feel so will have either hedging or fencing for vines around it with an arch and giant urns or lions as an entrance .... A small covered pergola with seating and grapevines growing over it ...... and some other things I'm still perculating over (Thanks Tarnz for the new phrase ;0 )

Behind the citrus is a native corner that has been in for about a year so hoping it will provide necessary shelter as it grows.  

In the grove we have 3 Satsuma mandarins, Miho Manderin, Navel Orange, Harwood Late orange, Tahition lime, Kaffir lime, Sweetie manderine, Golden Special Grapefruit, Seminole Tangelo, Meyer Lemon, Lemonade, Blood Orange

We keep our eye on the specials bin and one of our anniversaries was a fruit/flower gift so it was citrus trees to each other.

Mediterranean citrus grove....