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Gardener:The flower lady

Date:24 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables, Flowers

Yesterday I had a very productive day in the flower field , planting alstromerias , chysanthemums , gyp and more sunflowers I mulched the rows with a layer of sawdust and threw some fertilzer on them .

I am having a rabbit issue so have got to find a local with a gun licence to sort that out , black birds and aphids are also attempting to ruin my hard work , nope little critter not going to foil my plans.

I almost never use pestasides but will be giving my row of cornflowers a spray with Yates Natures way spray , once the bees are well and truely in bed , They are just begiing to bud up so this should mean I bet the bug before the bees are loving the flowers .

I have 2 trays of Toms that I need to pot on , and some more swan plants .

I also picked a bunch load of edible flowers and prepped to dry :)

My pumpkins and Courgettes have emerged though the soil and tomorrow Jamison and I shall get the corn seed sown , I always struggle a little with corn timing to early they need so much protection , to late the season is to short , well I'm jumping in anyway.

And the wee chicks are so cute , I am still waiting on a couple of broodies to hatch , and our last ewe finally lambed perfect wee twins , to which another ewe who lost her lamb stole the black and white one , they are all doing great , and I checked with a vet friend who said as long as she still has milk its great less pressure on the ewe and bigger lambs as a result and everyone is happy :) 

My nomination , well people you are all fantastic growing super heros but as I have to choose just one I am going with Simone who is doing an awesome job raising your wee dude , working full time and the first strawberry already gosh , I am inspired .

meet your neighbors nomination