Meet Your Neighbors Nomination


Date:17 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours

This is always the hardest thing for me because every year I meet so many new gardeners and also catch up with friends from past challenges. 

To pick one gardener just doesn't seem right.  

I'm loving catching up with Briars Patch who was my nomination last year. Always a great read and we have polar opposite gardens which is cool. 

I'm enjoying following Mrs Muddy Toes it appears we are locals so dealing with similar climates.

There are too many great gardeners and I'd nominate you all if I could. Not just saying that.

I'm really missing Carol Jane. Everytime I check my posts for comments a part of me hopes there will be an encouraging word from her. She would be nomination for gardener of the century if that was an option.

But as this is meet the gardener and only one, my nomination this year is Tarnz. I'm fascinated with the clay pots which is something I had been researching and looking to trial. I'm looking forward to seeing how her garden progresses and following her garden journey along with everyone else's. 

Happy gardening all. 


Meet Your Neighbors Nomination