Date:17 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

My daughter and I managed to get outside for a wander around the garden in between rain showers.

The rain has made my flower garden perk up, and it's looking great!

I obviously buy flowers I like, and am a sucker for flowers that are fragrant as well as pretty. But sometimes I buy flowers that remind me of people or childhood memories.

My Mum, Nana and my late Gran were/are amazing gardeners, I guess there was no doubt I would have a love for gardening with such inspirational women in my life!

In the above photo, the pansies remind me of my Gran. I have fond memories of staying at her house and picking pansies and making a flower saucer design with them. There were no flowers off limits, we were allowed to use any we wanted to, but we always seemed to reach for the pansies! Her husband, (my pops) was the main vegetable garden grower, he grew the most amazing tomatoes!

The Early Giant muscari reminds me of Mum, we had heaaaaps in the garden as children. Mum has always had and has the most amazing vege garden, takes after her Dad I guess!

And finally the dianthus (hopefully I have ID that right), reminds me of my Nana. Her and Grandad have always lived pretty close to us, and lived on the family farm where I remember these flowers being. As a young girl I used to trot through the paddocks to go see her, by-passing the pea and strawberry patch on the way in of course! Was so cool having grandparents so close :)

There are many more flowers or even fragrances of flowers that remind me of these wonderful women who have passed on their passion of gardening to me, I'm so very lucky :)