Millions of peaches, zero for me


Date:16 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have 3 peach trees - one being a dwarf, one apricot, one plum and 2 pears in my super mini orchard. And not one of the stone fruit has blossomed this year. Please excuse the grass around them, its on my to-do list!

They are young trees, I have just checked my notes and I planted them all in winter 2019. Even though the apricot is self-fertile, I think I need to plant another one next winter to help with pollinaton, possibly the same with the plum?

I ate the one and only delicious peach that grew last year out of all those trees, so I think I've held my hopes up far too high for this season and possibly expecting too much from such young trees.

There's always next year....sigh.




Millions of peaches, zero for me