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Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:03 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

I like to have a few berries on the patios close to the kitchen, the kids pick them as they see them but then so do the birds.  It's rather frustrating sitting there with my coffee watching the birds have a great feast, so I got their nets on yesterday afternoon.

In typical end of season fashion I just ripped the covers off and chucked them somewhere - cos it will be ages till Ineed them again .... So the longest part was spent looking for all my bits and peices

I trialled these arches last year but have learnt a few things a long the way.

Don't be stingy with the bird netting - they will find a way in

Get it as tight as possible - they figure out how to weigh it down to still get the berries.

Have cable ties at the ready over the season to tighten and fix up as needed.

Make access as easy as possible - kids are lazy and only want to do it if its easy ;0

I use all the berries picked - the ones that don't look great or need bits cut out get put in the freezer for smooties or ice-blockes etc... The Mother in Law makes delicious strawberry jam and swears by the frozen ones being even better.

Over summer we keep a big bowl in the sink to catch all the excess water - this is used to water to patio pots, herb garden and starberries over the summer.

More berry protection