More seed sowing

Gardener:Sarah W

Date:26 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've started another round of seeds inside. This was Aunty Hazel's trolley. It's great for seeds as I can move them from the morning to afternoon light if need be and I can take the whole thing outside when the weather's good (don't worry, I usually have it tucked up against the house out of the wind - I had to move it out here to get a better photo!).

This lot are courgette, cucumber, chillies, celery and bergamot. I'm also starting rock and watermelon inside as last year I didn't have much luck doing them direct. I've soaked beetroot seeds overnight and am doing them in trays for the same reason - I've had poor germination direct. I thought you should sow them direct but you can buy them as seedlings so surely it's worth a try. The other problem with sowing them directly is that I sometimes forget and plant something else on top of it!

As soon as their little heads pop up I move them out from under the plastic bag or ex-veggie crisper into the light. Go well seeds!

More seed sowing