My first broad bean harvest!


Date:13 Dec 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hi everyone!

This evening I harvested my first broad beans off my 6 plants.

I read that they can be stored pods and all in the fridge for a few days, so that is what I am doing until I have done some more researching on different ways to cook them.

My pumpkins that self-seeded in my compost bin are very big and healthy - one of the leaves I measured was almost 43cm across!

My mum's and my potatoes are growing really well - I just hope they are growing just as good underground! - I will blog about our harvest when they are ready.

After reading a Mitre 10 planting guide, we planted our potatoes in trenches, placed in our chitted potatoes, and then semi-filled the trenches to cover the sprouts.  That way, when you mound them the ground is level and so they do not dry out so quick. 

I think that next year we should really 'meet the gardeners' and have a tour of Sarah's garden... no pressure!

Thank you everyone for all your tips and encouragement.

God bless your gardens.



My first broad bean harvest!