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Gardener:The flower lady

Date:13 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - 5 Top Tips, Vegetables

Sometimes being a mum is draining , frustrating and all round wtf moments , but for us to calm the beast of whatever it may be, is a good stroll outside , a bug hunt or a harvest , often both , its a common ground of wonder and subsides the grump and brings the smiles .

We did find 9 stink bugs who have meet a watery death , we harvested some broad beans , brocolli , peas , strawberries and carrots which all went into dinner with pototoes and bacon it was delish .

Last day for tips so here are some heavy hitters .

1 plant for your conditions its just to stressful attempting to baby things though frost or dry .

2 never be afraid to change and rearrange , if a plant is not doing well check its needs adjust as required .

3 think outside the boxes , look what you have around as far as supports , shade supplie , ties etc often old clothes repurposed work wonders .

4 plant radish and carrots together , the radishes will be ready as the carrots need thinning .

5 protect from pests with covers , it saves soooo much time later on .

6 make sure your water reaches before you plant .

7 mulch mulch mulch .

8 enjoy every moment .

9 take a win in the bite out of the middle of things the toddler is just tasting so hopefully will grow up a healthy eater .

10 share what you learn .

My garden My solace