My garden's 5 tips for me?


Date:03 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - 5 Top Tips, Vegetables, Flowers

I thought I might think a bit 'out of the box' for this one, and instead of offering tips for the garden, I have decided to record 5 tips the garden has taught me?

1.  POTENTIAL:  As sure as each seed is full of potential, I am grateful for the potential my humble patch inherently has (even my window sill has gardening potential!).

2.  VISION:  As sure as each shoot reaches for the sky, I hold on dearly to the warmth and comfort of my vision as I work towards creating the piece of paradise I see in my mind...even when I'm standing in mud!

3.  TEAMWORK:  As sure as each plant makes the best with what it has, surrounding it with those it works well with and distancing it from those that would hold it back gets better, faster results.  I also surround myself with people who help me fulfill my vision, which also helps them (eg. friends getting rid of unneeded fertiliser/seeds/equipment, hubby wanting an awesome, productive garden).

4.  PATIENCE:  As sure as the garden grows each day just by 'being', I love taking the time to sit and just 'soak in' the peacefulness of the garden.  Admiring how far it's come already, and excited about the possibilities to come...knowing that there is ALWAYS so much to do!

5.  CELEBRATE:  As sure as the garden bursts into flower and fruits in all of it's glory, I love taking the time to admire and celebrate it's beauty, smells, sounds, feel, and taste...a sensory feast!

My garden's 5 tips for me?