New tap


Date:22 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hubby has put another tap for watering the gardens in for me, he's hooked it up running from where a trough is. We are on tank water, and are super, super, super lucky to have a bore also, which is what I water the gardens with. So stoked I can now water all the gardens with the bore water, instead of using the house water, which is a godsend with kids in summer!

I've pulled out some carrots and radishes that have bolted. Harvested some cauli's I meant to do a few days ago, which if I had left any longer they would of ended up in the compost. 

The kids potatoes are growing well, we have topped up the soil right to the rim of the buckets now. I hadn't told the kids the peas are becoming ready, and sure enough yesterday they found them. The evidence was a trail of pea pods, funnily enough the dogs didn't help hide them, must be a bit stringy for them.

Strawberries are starting to ripen, although I don't think we will get much of a harvest this year and they are mostly runners I have replaced the older plants with. And the rest of the garden is just humming along nicely! 

New tap