Not trying to show off, but we got RAIN!


Date:27 Oct 2020

It happened, we got rain!!

Throughout Monday we had light drizzle on and off, I went out to check my rain gauge (such a good investment!) a few times throughout the day, but it was just misty drizzle and barely was showing there was anything in the gauge... then evening came and it rained!!! 
I woke up a few times in the night, and rather than being annoyed I was awake, I was able to enjoy the sound of rain on the roof - surprisingly for spring, something we haven't been able to enjoy too much!
After breakfast I went out to find just over 5ml was collected... I was then super thankful for the drizzle we had throughout the day as it really would have paved the way for the real soaking to be absorbed down through into the soil, the 5ml was followed by another 1ml, but by 9am it had all but gone.
YAY for rain! I just wish I could send the same weather to Auckland where my parents are!
Not trying to show off, but we got RAIN!