October Garden Update - Rua


Date:29 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

It's time to get into the glasshouse!


I absolutely love growing from seed, it certainly gives me a sense of satisfaction, but also I think it gives me a bit of 'safety' - I'm always planting more seeds than I'll eventually need, but that's great because they can be used to plug gaps, or replace plants if the transplant didn't go down too well (read, planted to early and there was another frost - which hasn't happened this year... yet!), but also I know that I'm not bringing in anything from the gardening store to my garden - I know that some pests and diseases can blow in, but I would rather that happen than intentionally bring them home with me! 


Here is a video of what's happening inside my glasshouse - lots of sunflowers at the moment!


October Garden Update - Rua