Oh dear God

Gardener:Southern Gardener

Date:28 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Here is something NZ Gardener magazine never told me about… We are attempting to establish a renewable veggie patch on a budget, as a challenge. Long story short, I was unprepared for the ‘Antarctic blast’ which was to envelop the Southern areas yesterday.

My solution was to cover the younger crops with whatever I could find: tubs, tarpaulin, empty juice bottles and, in the case of one Drunken Woman lettuce – a measuring jug. A couple of things blew over during the night, but most have stayed put. :) it looks like I'm hoarding random tubs in the garden.

Woke up this morning to find everything is covered with snow. My frenetic google search told me that snow, in fact, insulates from freezing temperatures. May be, I shouldn’t have covered the younger crops? I guess time will tell. Meanwhile, onions are proudly pocking out of the snow, as if nothing is happening.

Hope the snow avoids your gardens and, if you’ve got little lambs, hope all is alright.


Happy winter(?) gardening!

Oh dear God