Oh wise ones, can I save my citrus trees?!


Date:12 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

After a few years of growing lemon trees absolutely fine, then all of a sudden the one I had in half a wine barrel packed a sad and died. I was heartbroken, as it was a special tree to me as I got it after my son was born to celebrate.

Fast forward a few years, to now, and my luck with them has not gotten any better.

I had almost given up growing them in pots, and thought the one planted into the ground was going to be ok, but it's packing a sad too. Although forgetting to cover it once when we had a hard frost, along with the mandarin tree (in last picture), has not helped it. 

I have fed the one in the barrel with Yates thrive liquid fert, and the ones in the ground with a granule citrus fert according to directions on the packaging. I also (think) I've kept the water up to them, and tried sprinkling Epsom salts around the drip line, as they may be lacking nitrogen, but nothing has made them happy!

Now I'm wondering if I've given them too much love? I can't see any borer, pests or anything either. They are fairly young trees (bought in the last 6-10 months).

If anybody has any ideas on firstly if they can be saved, and how, it would be much appreciated! I don't think the mandarin tree will survive, but I haven't given up just yet! 


Oh wise ones, can I save my citrus trees?!