One of them days...


Date:20 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

You know how you sometimes think, you would of been better off staying in bed for the day? Well I'm having one of those days and it's only lunchtime...

I forgot to cover my already fragile Mandarin tree last night and we had a frost last night, so I think it's a goner :(

Ive been busy this morning giving my seedlings a good soak with fish and seaweed tonic.

I placed a tray to drain on the shelf in the tunnel before popping it away. I looked down and spotted a few weeds. Do you see where this is going? hair stinks like fish and I washed it last night of course!

And last but not at least the photo below happened.

I have always been clumsy, but I think I outdone myself this time! I'm not quite sure how I managed to drop them, I didn't trip over anything. One minute I was bending down to place the tray down, and the next I was falling forward, tray in tact.

I managed to save most of them I think, thank goodness. Lost some lettuce and maybe some corn. So I am very lucky!

I was going to do some pricking out after that, but for the sake of my plants safety I will leave that for another day!

On a positive note, it's another beautiful day in Southland and tomorrow is another day!

Oh and this is the second attempt to write this blog. I managed to delete the first before posting!

One of them days...