Onwards and upwards!


Date:20 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I planted some peas at the end of August, a new variety for me but I am told it is an oldy but a goody. We picked them because of the name, Onwards! So far they are indeed heading onwards, and upwards. They are looking great. They are in a narrow raised bed that tends to get very dry. This year I have dug out the old potting soil that was in there and added vege gardn mix. I am hoping it holds water better and the fresh nutrient supply helps out.

It was a fantastic sunny day today, the vege garden is looking great with heaps greens at the moment. You should have seen how excited my husband was when I turned up with an enormous bunch of silverbeet again, and promised him another spinach pie, when the kids have burgers ;)

Onwards and upwards!