Gardener:The flower lady

Date:02 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - 5 Top Tips, Vegetables, Flowers

So in my green house I have a make shift shelve that is just kinda sitting wedged in , waiting for me to actually do things properley in there , on the shelf were some seeds just waiting for me to sow them .

Anyway we had some rough winds and the shelf blew down , sending some seeds into a tray , and now I have loads of happy accidents , mostly wildflower seeds which I had every intention of sowing in place , but they are growing so I will not complain as they have not been wasted .

This brings me to my next tips .

Sowing seed , mother nature is amazing and more often than not seeds will germinate on top of the soil , do not plant to deep as they can rot , soak soil before planting to help keep moisture levels even .

When saving seed for annuals just pull the plant when seeds have formed hang upside down wait till they dry then store .

Perenials I like to use small mesh bags over the seed heads , this works especially well with swan plants , as most of know the catterpillars will eat the entire plant .

Storing seed , it needs to be dry , vermon proof and not to hot , I use an old cake tin and a fridge that no longer works they both work well and are pretty cheep and effective .

As you read I do not always practice what I preech mostly because I prep for the day but am often over optimistic to what I can actually get done .