Over seed sowing panic!


Date:24 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Not that is will surprise any of you, as I'm sure your all in the same boat, but I've had a mini freak out where I'm going to put all my summer seedlings...

Yesterday I planted out my tunnel house with more tomatoes (photo is mid planting out). I find down here they do better in there than they do outside, so I put as many as I could fit, without overcrowding too much. I have a terrible judge of space, and last year I planted them too close together, and it was a right pain to harvest them, as well as didn't let enough light in. Hopefully I've done better this year!

After planting that out is when my stress levels got the better of me. I have space and plans for the rest of my seedlings, (hopefully), but I mis-judged how many tomatoes I'd fit in the tunnel house and have over planted with other things in my garden. I still have about 26 tomato plants to find somewhere to go - although I will give a lot of those away once I know the ones I've planted are going to do ok. 

I have managed to find quite a bit of space that won't be used for anything else in our big garden so I'll put what will fit in there and gift the rest on.

I also planted my cucumbers in the tunnel house, and what didn't fit on the frames, I decided to give growing them up corn a go. I've planted half my corn in there and the rest will go outside. Last season the corn done awesome in the tunnel house but the corn outside did really poorly (mind you, we had quite a wet summer, so if the weathers better this year will be interesting to compare them again). As corn is wind pollinated, I have planted it by the door, and I have got myself into the habit of giving them a shake every time I'm in there.

I also managed to get some more lettuces, spinach and silverbeet in the garden today, and gave my sister in law some of each of those too. 

Hubby nailed wood onto the posts on the other row of berries that need my DIY berry netting done, so I'll hopefully get that finished this weekend.

I won't be planting out any heat loving seedlings outside for a few weeks yet, as hopefully the chance of frost is gone by then.

I hope everybody who lives further up the country has has a successful plant out this weekend and I'm looking forward to all your blogs about it! 

Also a big thank you to Sarah and the Yates team for the packet of Giant pumpkin seeds that arrived this week! Kids will be estatic to be able to plant them again next year!

Over seed sowing panic!