Pay It Forward & Back Again...?

Gardener:Mrs Muddy Toes

Date:10 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

Well the school holidays are almost over, and we have had a rather busy time with the mostly good weather which allowed a lot of time in the garden.  Both of my kids have enjoyed sowing seed (particularly their “Little Gardens” from New World) but also Yates Butterfly Field and Bee Pasture.  They have passed their time on too hot afternoons painting rocks to decorate their own planter box (a gift from Poppa) and the mini bug hotel we have.

They have also enjoyed sitting with me at morning teatime and reading the many blogs particularly that of Stacey170 and Briars Patch on the Growing Community and getting inspiration from all the wonderful photos posted.

Wanting to help is great but how they quizzed? We have a tonne of spinach and silverbeet in our garden (the only things doing well) so my kids offered it to the neighbours who kindly let us down easy.  Although they were somewhat disheartened, they wanted to still find a way to do something in the garden that could benefit someone else.  

I was proud as punch when we went to visit my parents this week and my 11 year old asked her Nana (who has Parkinson's) if we could grow something for her in our garden as her hands do not allow her to do a lot of things anymore, gardening being one of them.  Nana suggested we take her empty blue strawberry pot home and grow some strawberries for her to enjoy this summer.  So fully committed we even made a stop at the park on the way home to collect pine needles for mulch! I split up some of my strawberry plants so they could plant it up that day.

Both of my munchkins are so happy with their efforts that they are looking for other ways to share!

Happy Growing!

Pay It Forward & Back Again...?