Pickled Rainbow Peppers

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:11 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables, Recipes

Last day of the school holidays is always a little bitter sweet.  Regrets for the activities not done, the grumpiness, the guilt of being a little bit pleased that they are going back to school/kindy and life is going back to more of a routine.

Yesterday we had a painting, baking, crafting day.  We all got to choose something to make in the kitchen ... I had been wanting to make another batch of pickled Jalapenos for awhile since the first batch was such a success and the perfect addition to any cheesboard.  

I had given most of the jars away and realised I was down to the last one in the fridge. 

After a few phonecalls back and fourth with Brandon trying to identify the Jalepenos in the freezer... you know, that classic end of season thing where you just bag them and bung them in thinking you will remember!!!! (This seems to be something I could work on!)

Any who, as they had all gone red I've ended up doing a mixture of what I think is Jalepenos and Flame - both fairly mild.  I haven't made them from the freezer before but google reckoned they would be fine..... time will tell. 

I try to put as much info as possible on any of the pickle/relish labels - date made, how long to wait before opening, How to eat/use, any sustitutions made, how many jars it made and where the recipe came from.  Many batches of thinking I will remember has finally got me a little organised on that one - especially if you are trying a few different recipes of the same thing :) 

https://homegrownhappiness.co.nz/homemade-pickled-jalapenos/  is the recipe I used (I tripled it for this batch)

Pickled Rainbow Peppers