Prepping and picking

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:20 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Opps another tuesday no playcenter , I was feeling a bit bla so Jamison and I got a few bits done and just generally hung out .

With the not always reliable potting mixes even in scoop form I have felt the need to make a lot more compost , we have heaps of bits of iron not being used so we built our first bin in the new zone . 

I had done a lot of weeding the day before so they became the green layers , then some brown layers from a compost that for some reason had a dry spot , next layer grass clippings , then some nearly finished compost that is full of worms , this will help speed up the process , we repeated these layers twice and then covered with paper to keep the chooks and black birds out , finally we gave it a big soak .

We also cleaned out the chook water and decided they could do with some lovely greens to which jamison chose these gorgous , huge bright lights silverbeet .

Prepping and picking