Pretties in the garden


Date:10 Dec 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

Today is the first day in a while I've had a chance to actually enjoy my garden, without having jobs to do while wondering around.

I love roses, but I find them extremely hard work. I find I'm either dealing with pests like aphids, or diseases like fungal black spot. Pruning to keep their shape is a regular task and the petals that fall off in the wind and make a mess drive my husband bonkers!

But today as I was taking the time to enjoy my garden and I looked at some of the beauties that I've got growing, I thought to myself - all that hard work is 100% worth it! They are just all so stunning, and a bonus is the majority are looking healthy.

And I have my first lillies starting to flower, that makes me so excited as they are my absolutely favourite flower!

I hope you all got to stop and enjoy all your hard work today too :)



Pretties in the garden