Productive morning

Gardener:Gardening Mummy

Date:24 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I thought I had posted this earlier this week but it doesn't look like it submitted properly so here it is again!

After a super busy weekend filled with birthday celebrations I was determined to make the most of Monday morning and the weather was perfect.

I did a lot of planting out - beans, peas, corn, cucumber, popcorn and bumpkins all went into the garden.

I also did a big sort out of my 99 tomato plants. After putting aside plants for myself I offered the rest to my friends & family and most of them have found homes now.

I've booked hubby in for Saturday morning to help me empty out my compost bin and do some other jobs that require a bit more man power. 

Hope everyone is surviving the current round of stormy weather. It's been very windy here all day, with passing showers. Thankfully I don't have too much in the garden that is at risk from the wind and it's actually been quite warm.

Hope everyone else's garden is faring ok!

Productive morning