Proudest Dad Moment Ever


Date:07 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Our daugher turned 6 in August this year and it was hard not to get teary when she told us what she wanted for her birthday. It was not the latest plastic, here today, gone tomorrow toy... she asked if she could have her very own garden.

She wanted a garden to herself, that she could choose what to grow and plant and look after herself. 

My brother is a plumber and he gets a lot of old hot water cylinders. On the side he makes these cool planters out of the copper tanks (and sells them on trademe). Together with the help of his kids, we made Haven one and he even made her a copper flower with Haven's garden on it. She loves it and has told us that only she gets to eat from her garden unless she tells us we can have some. 

The other day when we were repotting some seedlings, she told me that she hopes one day if she has a child, she can teach them how to garden like I have taught her. 

As a father I believe this is one of the best legacies to leave. Couldn't be happier right now. 

Proudest Dad Moment Ever