Gardener:Gardening Mummy

Date:11 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

In the summer of 2015/2016 I managed to grow 25 butternut pumpkins off a single vine which I grew from seed and 4 from another vine. The photo on the left was taken on 8/02/2016 with my dad and kids. The photo on the right was taken the summer exactly 30 years before!

Since then I haven't had nearly as great success wtih my pumpkins but I did learn that winter that we could definitely use up that many if I was ever to have such success again.

I usually grow my pumkins straight in front of my compost bin so they can sprawl over the lawn. This year I'm planting butternuts and Queensland Blue as well as some bumpikn seeds I saved. Not sure if the saved seeds will stay true to what they were but we will find out!

Going along with my "little and often" I gave my berry patch a quick weed this morning as well as planting some butternut seeds as I had run out and had to buy a new packet.

I've been putting off weeding my extra top patch as it has been terribly neglected over winter so that might be the project for the weekend!

Happy gardening everyone