Rain that wets you to the bone

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:10 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Flowers

Today I had the privledge to do some arrangements for a memorial , wishing I had picked flowers and foraged foliage yesterday as I got absolutley drenched more than once today , Even with my daughter holding a double umbrella ( first for me I did not know they existed ) , an umbrella is not much help when cutting eucalyptus above your head , or when attempting to find a few good flowers left on a jasmine .

But the job was done and the house is now toasty with the fire going , My hens are absolutley pumping out the eggs and one of 3 broodies hatched her lot yesterday , along with our first iris and Tulip of the season .

In the arrangement the flowers and foliage from my garden were Hellerbours , Succulants , Lucadendrons , renunculas , grape hyacinths , and the client was very happy :) 

Tomorrow is meant to be wet to but I have a plan including a wee change around for the tunnel house .

Oh and I have a flat battery in my car after leaving my lights on , must fixes the fuse that beeps to remind me , sakes .

Umbrella in pic not double that was around 730 before the sky opened up .

Rain that wets you to the bone