Ready for watering

Gardener:Sarah W

Date:06 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

In the weekend hubby got the hoses sorted for the veggie beds and poly house. I'd been putting it off but being an engineer he's good at that sort of thing and he made a much better job than I would have. He even has them set up left to right in order of sprinklers for the beds, dripper and hoses. I may need a manual to operate it all is the only thing.

Last summer I used sprinklers for the three beds. I adjust them so they just cover the beds and don't water the ground (mostly). I've got a dripper hose set up in the poly house for the tomatoes. I'm already wondering if it's going to be the best thing for in there (after hubby has drilled a hole to run the feeder hose through, oops). 

Last year was pretty scarey water wise for us in that dry summer. We're on tank water and we mucked up timing of cleaning one out. This year we'll make sure we hit summer with them full. 

What does everyone think - another long hot summer ahead? It feels like it's already here.

Ready for watering