Really, Racy, Radishes!


Date:01 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables



Sorry I’m late blogging again.

As you can see from the picture I was late harvesting my radishes too!

My mum and I went on an advanced gardening course at Pakaraka Farm near Thames.  It gave me lots of ideas for the growing season.

Since my last blog post, I have sowed 16 beetroot, 15 pumpkins, 15 watermelons, 14 beans, 6 more roma & early girl tomatoes, and 6 more leeks.

I have finished all but the front of my compost bin.  I have just taken some good soil from the bottom to top up a garden bed my mum ‘lent’ me to put my legumes in. - Before adding the compost, I raked the wood chips off the garden bed, because I find it easier to plant in the loose soil, then I used a pitch fork to break up and aerate the soil, added my compost, and then raked in some bought garden soil.

I also made another trellis from steel mesh and planted 26 Yates ‘Freezer Slims’ Dwarf Beans alongside it.

Today, I helped my mum plant dahlias in the cut-flower garden.

Sorry I haven’t answered any questions – I am under 16, so I cannot sign up to Discus.

Happy Gardening!


Really, Racy, Radishes!