Rescuing The Enemy


Date:13 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

So after my earlier post "birds are turds" I can't believe what I'm about to blog about. 

Yesterday when we left Haven's gymnastics, Haven found a baby bird in the middle of a carpark crying. It was so young and we could not find its mother or nest anywhere nearby. Part of me said to leave it because that's nature but my daughter said we had to help it. 

We wrapped it in a blanket and tried talking it to bird rescue. Sadly when we got there it was closed so the last resort was google. 

I found a site that said to keep them warm and feed them cat food (how ironic) every two hours!!! By this point I was already attached so we took it home. I set up my seed raising heat pad with a blanket nest and set about feeding. Set my alarm for every 2 hours to feed during the night. 

This morning 'chirpy' was very chirpy. I was not so chirpy! At lunch time I dropped chirpy off at bird rescue and turns out it was an English Sparrow.  Feeling exhausted but I miss the little creature already.

One day it may just come round and dig up our garden and rather than cursing I might just smile.... Nah!

Rescuing The Enemy