Salad of the Imagination

Gardener:Growing to learn

Date:13 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables, Recipes

It was our first Garden to Table session of the term and the first in a long time with all this COVID disruption. The kids and their helpers made avocado chocolate truffles, broccoli falafels and a beautiful salad of the imagination.

I love showing kids how to make this salad, wandering around the garden, tasting and seeing the many things that you can put in to add colour and flavour. Today we included nasturtium leaves and flowers, borrage flowers, the beetroot and its' leaves, carrots, sorrel, mustard greens, chard, herbs, celery and a little lettuce!

It went down well, with some children having four servings!

Our amazing volunteers were impressed with how into the food the kids were and how willing they were to try unusual ingredients.

Next time we're going to include onion weed!

Salad of the Imagination