Seed sorting has finally been ticked off the list!!

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:13 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables, Flowers

I keep my seeds in a big plastic box with various ice cream containers, I have pulled the box out a few times and then promptly put it away again.  The time came that I really needed to sort it as I wanted the girls to choose the seeds for their gardens.

I ended up going different containers for herbs and chillies, flowers, veges that sow straight in the ground, and veges that sow seeds inside first.  With rubber bands of the same vegetable..... although I know that once they are being used they will need to be tidied and sorted again regulary!

Yates has obviously been a popular brand in our house for a number of years - at least 30 of the seed packets were Yates and I found some that I had forgotten about from the Yates heritage tin in 2013.  Looking forward to planting them all. 

Sophie (Miss 4) is going to try:

Yates Ice cream watermelon (I had moderate success last year), Yates Baby Brinjal eggplant(great success last year), Broccoli, Sunflowers, Yates Salad crunch radish and Yates snow peas.

Emily (Miss 8) is going to try: 

Cucumber,, Tomato, Yates Nemophila, Sunflowers, and Yates california poppies (gold rush)

Lucy-Ann (Miss 9) is going to try:

Yates Ice cream watermelon, Sunflowers, Yates Nemophila, Yates bee pasture mix and cucumbers.

Any tips and tricks on the Nemophila - its one I havnt tried before.

Also in the photo is 144 lonicera cuttings - I am growing them to create a hedge to the 'secret garden' with an entrance thats a little trickier to see. :)

Seed sorting has finally been ticked off the list!!