Seedling update!


Date:06 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables


Hi everyone!

Sorry, I have not had the time to blog recently as I have been building a new compost bin from recycled pallets, and finishing continuing weeding my garden (I keep getting distracted trying to see the magpie babies in our neighbour's pine trees!).

The wind we had last week picked up our chicken coop and landed it on our fence!  It's a good thing the chickens were out foraging - and they still laid eggs that day!

Now for the plant update:

I have 1 'Early girl', 1 'Roma', 1 'Gardeners delight', 2 '*Golden light', 4 '*Moonglow', and 5 '*Aunt-Olga's-round-golden-chicken-egg' tomatoes sprouted.  *Heritage varieties that I got from The Heritage Food Crops Research Trust.

You can get free Heritage tomato seeds here:

I also have 1 celery 'Golden self blanching', 3 cucumbers 'Spacemaster', 3 watermelon 'Crimson sweet', 4 silverbeet, 4 spring onions 'White bunching', 2 cabbage 'Red express', and 6 cabbage 'Copenhagen market'.

My broad beans (given to me by a relative) are already in flower!

I plan to sow another lot of vegetables in the following week.

Have a great day in the garden!

Thanks, Harrison.

Seedling update!