Seeds a few ways

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:09 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables, Flowers

Although the soil is the first step to a great garden , but as the days get a littl longer and the the taste of that homegrown tomato is at the forfront of our minds , those tint little seeds of hope are being popped in soil , paper towels , trays , punnets or straight in the ground and tended to with so much love .

I have been growing from seed for a long time and each time I run out space I adapt to make it all work .

I had started everything in my new greenhouse , but it wasnt keeping heat as well as my trusty ol glass door fridge so back in they went .

I did have fantastic success with some flower seed Dahlia , zinnia , aster and celosia in a polystyrene container , they did not need light but did need extra warmth so I gave it a try and will be doing it again .

I had a pesky I assume mouse eat all but one sunflower seed of some I put in about a month ago , so now all sunflowers will be protected .

When I have heaps of the same seed I want to get going I stack up old bread crates with glass or perspex over the top (perspexs missing not sure what this sheet is ) .

I have eucalyptus seed in the fridge before I can germinate in a couple of weeks .

Heaps of small seed does not need to be covered , but equally big seed should not be sown to deep as they are prone to rot .

Then potatos need to chit , mine are on the kitchen table in a cardboard boxes , airflow is needed , Normally I would pop on the patio , but I had the neighbours peahen visit and eat them , I was especially gutted as they were purple heart and I have not been able to find more . 

Handy tip for spikey seed heads , leave in the bag and rub your thumb over to dislodge seeds , its much more comfortable .

And after some success planting Kumera the same way as spuds last year , I now know I need the kumera to shoot and I'm to cut the slips and plant them out from there , I love kumera so I am super keen to get this right .

Then there are just some seed that are mega dertimed and are growing anywhere the seed dropped , like the path in our tunnel house .

And equally important things to note for success are make sure you water your tray before the seed goes in this helps keep even moisture for germination , once germinated don't be in to much of a rush to pot on , wait till the second set of leaves , and finally if you are germinating in a tunnel house , green house , on heat pads or inside , make sure you harden off your seeds , this just means to get them ready for the great outdoors , I have a shelf next to my green house , sheltered enough , but open enough at the same time and if I need to a roll of frost cloth is at the ready to tuck them in .

Seeds a few ways