September Garden Plan


Date:07 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables, Flowers

Winter hasn't seen much gardening happen at our place, but during the warmer months of the year I have got better over the past year at making a plan of what I want to achieve in my garden that month.


This year with having a glass house it has again added a whole new dimension to my gardening!


With saying that thought, I still need to practice patience – being in Christchurch we’re about 4-6 weeks behind Auckland for a lot of the growing season, and as much as I want to believe the warm days we’re having, the cool nights are a good reminder that the soil doesn’t wsarm up by will power on it’s own!


Throughout the challenge I’m planning on sharing a mix of photos and videos showing what’s going on in my backyard, one thing I enjoy about this challenge is the community of gardeners, the tips, tricks and hopefully accountability to keep on track!


I’ve already started from seed some of my true summer plants such as my tomatoes and eggplants, but they are getting a lot of TLC being brought inside each night – I’ll probably do this until I can record consistent 10 degrees Celsius overnight in the glass house, and ended up buying some seedings of Chilli and Capsicum plants to try them for the first time – while I am going to try and grow the majority of my vegetables and flowers from seed, I am certainly not a purist and will get a punnet every now and then.


Here is a video I recorded on the 2nd September going through my garden plan – let’s see what I manage to get done over this month!

September Garden Plan