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Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:05 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

Big gardening plans went a little awry when I had an SOS call from my sister to have her 2 year old daughter for her few days - which is always more important.  We had a lovely time together playing with the ducks and making ice blocks ....but I was very pleased when my girls came home from the grandies to help me with entertaining ;0

We made a lot of deliveries today after offering silverbeet and strawberry runners on the local fb pages.  The silverbeet was a lot harder to get rid of so we got in touch with the local Goodness Grocer store and took down our extra bunches to give away to their customers.  

It was timely to have discussions with the girls around giving things away and not expecting anything in return.

We've been a bit lucky and have been given quite a few New World little gardens so the girls had a great afternoon in the sun planting them all.  We stuck the labels onto skewers as they are cardboard this year and fall apart a lot easier when they get wet. My niece loved getting stuck in and stirring the soil and water together.  

....and tonights mind blown.... watching a disney cooking show where they had to find all the fruits and they chose cucumber, pumpkin, corn etc and we were all joking that they wouldn't get many points .... and they were right on all of them!  I had heard that if they have seeds it's a fruit but still wouldn't have put those things in that category.  The big girls are ready to take that to school and quiz the other kids. ;0

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