Sharing the Garden Love

Gardener:Sarah at Netherby

Date:10 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

I love the idea of passing on the joy and magic of gardening to others.  Over the school holidays, I took my children and Goddaughter to the local garden centre shopping. My goddaughter who was with us was really keen to have some of the Yates seeds designed for children. Of course, I was more than happy to share the garden love and buy her the Yates Magical Creatures Fairy Flower Mix, Yates Little Ted Fluffy Sunflower, and Yates Pop Star Strawberry Popcorn seed packets to take home.

When my goddaughter visited today I was able to give her a Russian giant sunflower seedling to take home for her garden, she was very excited about the thought of taking home this potential giant for her garden!

My previous job was a teacher as well as an Enviro teacher and earlier this year during Lockdown I felt inspired to look for another way to encourage sustainability and gardening. I decided to start up a little Facebook page called 'Netherby Sustainable Living' to share about living more sustainably and self-sufficiently and growing as much of our own food as possible.  It has been fun to share my gardening journey as I have regenerated the garden which had been very neglected, what I have been growing, some tips, and my learnings as I muddle along, including growing garlic for the first time and sharing this. The content I share comes more from an encouraging place as being an expert I am not!

Happy Gardening everyone!


Sharing the Garden Love